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TurboTax is the most popular tax filing software and despite improving the user interface and ease of operation many users will still need some direction in filing process. This time around the company’s phone lines are very busy and to make things a bit more frustrating, it’s not very easy to find a phone number to dial.

If you prefer to search for an answer to your question on line, you can get started here. If you decide to call, finding a phone number on TurboTax website doesn’t really get you anywhere. In order to speak to a TurboTax expert you must first ask your question by typing it in and that’s when you apparently receive the phone number options. I followed that step, selected a platform (online in my case), edition (Home & Business) and asked my question (“import W2”).

After submitting the question I was taken to a sign in screen where I had to log in to move forward.

After logging in there were some Top Answers to my question and a button to call with a message that the current wait time is less than 30 minutes. I pressed Call to get a number to dial but that only took me to yet another screen asking to provide name, email address, telephone number, and any additional notes for the agent. You can then click on Get Phone Number.

The entire process is a bit cumbersome, to say the least. TurboTax tries to provide as many answers to the most common questions as possible to help solve your dilema, but sometimes it’s necessary to call for assurance. With the number of phone calls the company will be receiving, they try to discourage calling.

How to reach TurboTax on the phone

There are many numbers for different type of issues (see the list below) but if you’re trying to get some help from a TurboTax expert with your tax returns, the best number to dial is:


You will go through two steps:
– First, Press 3 all other questions
– Second, Press 2 for help preparing your personal returns

You may try dialing other numbers listed below, but you have to enter an incident number so make sure to have that information handy. If you don’t have that number, try pressing the pound key (“number sign” #) until the system gives up and lets you continue.

  • Shopping and buying: 1-800-624-3025.
  • Download and install: 1-888-777-3103.
  • Getting started: 1-800-506-6709.
  • Preparing your taxes: 1-800-624-3025 or 1-877-288-2646 or 1-888-777-3103.
  • Printing and filing: 1-800-506-6709.
  • After filing support: 1-800-506-6709.
  • Audit support: 1-800-830-5275.
  • Audit defense: 1-877-829-9695.
  • General questions: 1-888-777-3066.
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    Theresa Roach

    Please advise the cost of e-filing if you don’t qualify for free file.


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