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Get $20 to $30 OFF Get up to $30.00 off TurboTax 2021 versions.

It’s that time again where we have to worrying abut paying our taxes. While it’s always difficult to get started, TurboTax makes it as painless as possible with their step by step tax programs. And to help you get filed in time this year, they are offering $20 off the Deluxe and Premier 2021 online versions and $30 off the Self-Employed 2021 version when picked up directly at Just follow the above link to get the offer applied to your cart and proceed with your purchase (or click the “get started for free” option if you’re going with the online version).


Bundle Deal! Get 50% off with the 2021 TurboTax/Quickbooks bundle.

If you’re a user a Quickbooks and haven’t yet upgraded to the 2021 version, then there is no better time to upgrade because the TurboTax/Quickbooks bundle discount is back again during this tax season. Plus as an introductory offer, you can save 50% off your first three months of service. See site for offer details. This is an ongoing offer for all new customers that is expected to last through the tax deadline on April 15, 2021. Available for new customers only


Start now Try out TurboTax Deluxe now, pay only when you file.

If you haven’t used TurboTax before or if you want to test out the difference between versions for yourself, then you can start your actual return to see if you like it before ordering. Unlike a traditional free trial download, there is no software to install as you complete it all online at You can save all your work as you go along and once you near the end of your return, you can decide to either file with them (and pay for the copy at this point) or just simply cancel. H&R Block offers the same free trial offer.


About Turbotax

I recently logged into my TD Ameritrade account to access the most recent Form 1099. It isn’t ready yet (for more on the availability of different forms, see at the end of this article), but there are already tax deals to help prepare the 2020 tax returns (fr the 2021 tax season).

This is the time of the year when many companies are teaming up with tax software providers to offer its customers additional discount. The deals vary from one company to another, but TD Ameritrade offers the following:

  • Free Edition – free filing
  • Deluxe – $10 off
  • Premier – $15 off
  • Self-Employed – $20 off

TD Ameritrade TurboTax 2021 Discount

Anyone invested in the stock market will at minimum need the Premier version of TurboTax.

Reporting investment gains or losses in the past was quite burdensome, especially for those who traded often. It required manually entering the entire trading history for that year (i.e., purchase price, sale price, dividends, etc.) Today, TurboTax imports that information from your broker and accounts accurately for everything that happened during the investment period, which often may have taken more than one year. The process is now automated and is just as straight forward as importing information on any other aspect of your financial life, such as wages earned, or mortgage details, just to name a few. In fact, TD Ameritrade even has a knowledge section on how to import you tax data into TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct.

How to get a discount on a TurboTax 2021 product via TD Ameritrade?

First, log into your account and while on the main page, hover over My Account Overview and click on Tax Center.

Ameritrade TurboTax 2021 Discount

You are taken to the screen shown below with a link to the TurboTax savings. By clicking on the link, you will get redirected to the TurboTax website.

TD Ameritrade TurboTax Discount

TD Ameritrade TurboTax Service Code

TD Ameritrade TurboTax Free 2021

Final Note

Here are some important dates on when to expect the availability of forms summarizing different types of investments:

  • February 1, 2021 – 1099-R, 1099-Q, and 1099-C available by this date.
  • February 16, 2021 – all consolidated 1099s available by this date (depending on your account holdings, you may receive your form earlier).
  • March 1, 2021 – Forms 480.6A and 480.6B available by this date.
  • March 15, 2021 – Form 1042-S and REMIC/WHFIT statements available by this date.
  • March 30, 2021 – Form 2439 available by this date.