The Most Helpful 2013 TurboTax YouTube Videos

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best turbotax youtube videos
Tax tips abound on the Internet and many of them are offered by tax preparation software makers. Besides its blog and TurboTax Community, TurboTax created its own YouTube channel with many instructional videos. Topics range from common forms to recent tax law changes.

Below is a summary of categories covered by TurboTax and some of the topics the videos explain.

General Tax Tips

  • common income tax deductions – itemized deduction and how to track them, definition of other types of deductions
  • tax forms and tax laws – how to file common tax forms and schedules; introduction to tax codes and IRS publications; how to find tax laws
  • about the IRS – how to deal with the IRS in case of an audit; information on getting your refund or setting up installment payment with the IRS
  • other tax tips – tax planning strategies, how to estimate your federal income tax, IRS payroll deductions, tax shelters, filing for personal bankruptcy, penalties for abatement

Family and Home Tax Tips

  • student and teachers – explanation of education credits, college savings plan, educational expenses, summer jobs and taxes, tuition payments
  • family and marriage – how to file for married or divorced couples, child and dependent care expenses, adopting a child, inheritance and taxes, estate taxes
  • homeowners and rental properties – tips for paying property taxes, home renovation tax credit, rental house tax deductions, IRS tax lien, wind power and electric car tax credits
  • seniors and people with disabilities – social security and taxes, IRS tax relief for disabled

Job and Career Tax Tips

  • general tips – unemployment and taxes, guide to W4 and W2 forms, tax deductions for job hunters, deductions for employment related expense
  • military and veterans – tax credits for deployed soldiers, disability beneficiaries and taxes
  • small business owners and self-employed – business related expenses (even while working at home), calculating taxes on Form 1099-MISC
  • retirement and investing – rental house deductions, capital gains and how to report them, interest and dividend form, how to report stock sales

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