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Prepare one return and include your spouse and dependents (if necessary) and file your tax returns directly online using NETFILE. To save time and for greater accuracy, import previous year tax return from UFile (Windows) or TurboTax. At the same time, the software automatically transfers your information for the next year return. If you meet certain criteria, you can use UFile Online to file taxes for free. The return is simple to prepare and contains many interview questions that offer answers in a drop down menu, and supports over 200 forms and schedules, both federal and provincial. Manage your pension income splitting and qualify for the maximum refund possible.

Learn more and see the discounts available for uFile Canada Windows 2012/2013.

If you and other family members have to file tax returns, this version lets you prepare up to 8 returns. The interview process is straightforward, you decide which section you want to focus on and can always go back to the one already finished to make edits. UFile is backed by more than 200 federal and provincial forms to respond to any tax scenario you might face. It allows you to calculate the pension income splitting and includes retirement saving plan calculator to determine tax savings based on the contribution amount. You can import data from past return and carry it forward for the next tax season. The software then checks for any errors, makes the final suggestions and you’re ready to NETFILE.

Learn more and see the discounts available for uFile Canada Pro 2012/2013.

Install the software on your computer and start preparing your tax returns. You can prepare up to 20 and add additional returns if necessary. The software leads you through all the steps of the return, starting from initial interview, changes that occurred in your life, deductions and credits you may qualify for, different sources of income earned, RRSP contributions, interest/investment income, to submitting your return through EFILE. If you run into a roadblock along the way, UFile Pro comes with phone support to get you back on track. Before filing, UFile analyzes your return to ensure the maximum refund and then reviews all the information to ensure complete accuracy.