TurboTax Free Edition 2021 (For the 2020 Tax Year)

Get it Free File your simple 2021 tax return with the TurboTax Free Edition.

If you have a simple tax return for last year and don’t need much guidance, regardless how much you made in 2020, then you you can take advantage of the Free Edition from TurboTax. This includes filing of forms 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040. And even though it’s free, you still receive free access to live help via phone or chat as you do with all of the paid versions. However, if you need a little bit more help with step-by-step guidance, the TurboTax Deluxe version may be a better option to consider.  Filing a State return is also possible with the Free Edition but an additional fee may apply.  More details posed at the Intuit website. Offer valid when filing qualifying simple tax returns only.

More about the Turbotax Free Edition:

Taxpayers who are fortunate enough to report income taxes on forms 1040A or 1040EZ – commonly referred to as simple tax returns – may qualify to file for free using Free Edition. This version only puts restrictions on simplicity of the return, not the overall amount you report. It’s designed to walk you through all stages of tax return, with detailed instructions and explanations of each step and will fill out all the necessary forms for you. Based on the information you provide, TurboTax Free Edition guarantees the biggest refund you can qualify for. Prepare, print, and then Efile your tax return for free and receive the refund even faster.

Common features include:

  • Simple and straightforward interview process.
  • Free one-on-one tax advice from within TurboTax or from TurboTax website.
  • Automatic scan to detect potential mistakes and guarantee of the accurate calculations.
  • Don’t miss any credits or deductions and have all the correct IRS forms with up-to-date tax laws.
  • Real time refund amount (federal and state) as you complete your return.
  • Free audit support that includes guidance, answers to common audit questions, and what to expect and how to prepare for it.
  • Continue preparing taxes at your convenience; save progress and return at any time.

State filing is optional and if you have to complete it the cost is $27.99 per state. You can count on the same accurate calculations and the guarantee of the biggest state refund. Information entered for federal tax return is automatically transferred into the state forms to save you time.

To get started, you’ll first need to answer a few personal questions in order to apply appropriate credits and deductions to your tax return. Follow up by supplying your income information. You can enter those details manually straight from a W-2 or by using two other options:

– Import your W-2 details from over one million participating companies.
– If the one you work for isn’t participating, take a picture of the W-2 with a smart phone and TurboTax does the rest.

Using the latter two options saves some time and helps eliminate occasional typos. Simply verify that the imported information is accurate and move on to the next step.

All TurboTax products search for over 350 deductions and credits to ensure you claim all you are rightly entitled to. All calculations are guaranteed to be accurate, a long-standing commitment of TurboTax, not just because of CompleteCheck of the return but also by being up to date of the latest tax code changes and updates.

Preparing taxes on your own may be a lengthy process at times so TurboTax products are designed to work around your schedule. Every time you log in and add information or make any changes they are automatically saved so you can complete your return by making incremental changes. And once you complete the federal portion, all relevant information is transferred to the state return.

And remember that you can complete the return on multiple devices: computer, tablet, or a smart phone. TurboTax enables you to switch between them and pick up where you left off thanks to seamless synchronization. If you have any reservations about security, TurboTax has been exceeding required standards that were already very high given the sensitivity of information. Additional protections include multi-factor authentication, touch ID, and data encryption.

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