Should I switch to QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2014?

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quickbooks pro vs premier

Every release of QuickBooks brings some new features and almost always improvements to the existing ones. Some changes are more impactful than others that prompt a question whether or not to upgrade to the latest version. As usual there will be numerous reason to do it, as well as to maintain a status quo, and here’s my take on how to go about QuickBooks 2014.

I would start my decision process by answering a few questions that may help set me on the right track. If these answers remove any doubt I have about upgrading, great; on the flip side they could be a solid start to make a final decision.

Upgrade or not?

There are few questions you may ask yourself to help decide on switching to a new version of QuickBooks. They should be a starting point in your analysis and will most likely spur additional inquiries on your part. Before upgrading to QuickBooks 2014, I would ask myself:

  • Would the new and improved features make me more productive? Improve relationships with my suppliers and/or customers?
  • Do I need the newly implemented features?
  • Do I have resources to purchase the latest version?
  • Will it require additional training to be as comfortable as with the current version?
  • How much time/money will it take to achieve necessary level of proficiency?
  • Is a transition going to be seamless? If not, what problems may I experience and how to fix them?
  • Will it support the current number of users?
  • Do the current version support important add-ons and apps I need for my business?
  • What are the system requirements? Can my computer handle the upgrade?
  • What steps should I take before upgrading?
  • What do I have to lose if I don’t upgrade?

These questions may have a different meaning for someone who uses QuickBooks 2013 as opposed to a user of an older version. Each additional year without upgrading carries greater benefit to functionality and efficiency.

Final Thought

One last question you may want to ask yourself is: is it better to switch to a new release of the current version or switch to a completely new version of QuickBooks (i.e. going from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise)? This may be a right question to ask for those whose companies are expanding and growing in staff and complexity. Greater number of employees may require additional licenses so should you stay with QuickBooks Pro or Premier and purchase additional licenses or upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise? Is your current version of QuickBooks sufficient or do you need to track inventories better? Those are more subtle questions and the answer should not always be based on the cost. The difficulty is to be able to compare a benefit you get from a more expanded product versus the additional cost of it.

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