Recent tax returns submission numbers

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The IRS has released the tax return submissions as of February 20, 2015 (see below). As tax deadline approaches, there will be more taxpayers with various tax questions. The IRS recommends taxpayers use numerous tax tools available on its website and avoid longer wait times at local offices and on the phone.

What are the tax tools available to taxpayers?

The following is a list of the tax tools created by the IRS. It is based on frequently asked questions and designed to speed the process of solving most urgent taxpayers’ requests.

  • Online payment agreement
  • Freefile
  • Where’s my refund
  • Electronic filing PIN request
  • Direct Pay
  • IRS2Go Mobile app
  • Tax records transcript
  • Alternative Minimum Tax assistant
  • First time homebuyer credit look-up

For the complete list of currently available IRS tools, click here.


Tax returns processed


% of total returns processed based on total expected by the IRS


Number of tax refunds issued


%  of returns resulting in a refund as of February 20, 2015


Total amount paid out by the IRS


Average refund amount


Percentage of refunds issued as a direct deposit


Numbers of visits of



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