You can still file your 2017 tax return for free

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Updated April 15, 2017 – Did you know you can still file taxes for free?

Filing taxes may only take your time, not money. Taxpayers who made $64,000 or less can use IRS Free File tax software to prepare their federal tax return. The software also includes free state return option, but it is not available in all states.

You file your taxes at no cost using one of the commercial tax preparation products such as TurboTax, TaxAct, H&R Block or ezTaxReturn. In total, there are 12 different options to choose from. In the past you had to pick the software and start the process. Now, you can use Free File Software Lookup Tool to narrow down your options.

Once you fill out the required fields, you get a short list of products that will let you file your federal and/or state taxes for free. Let’s assume you are a 35-year-old individual, making $42,000 year and live in Arizona; here’s how the list of available product solutions would look like (I am making assumptions about Earned Income Tax Credit and military pay):

file taxes free april 2017 turbotax

Here’s what you would qualify for:

file taxes free april 2017

As you can see, there is quite a lot to select from. And if you have a prior experience using any of the software, it should make filing taxes this much easier.

Individuals or families who make more than $64,000 can only access free filalble forms. The forms are electronic versions of IRS paper forms and require you to know how to prepare taxes on your own. They only perform calculations and provide rudimentary guidance. The available forms are only for federal taxes, not for state returns.

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