Quicken Home & Business 2015 Coupons & Special Offer Codes

quicken home and business 2015 by intuit

Save $10.00! When you use this instant coupon when ordering at Intuit.com.

Get an extra $10.00 off on your order of Quicken Home and Business or any other 2015 versions when you follow the instant coupon link. Because this is an automatic offer, there is no need to enter any additional 10 digit codes into the special offer code box at checkout. We are not sure when this deal will expire but we expect this offer to last through to the end of the month.

Now on Sale! Quicken Premier 2015 is now on sale at Amazon!

Just released: The all new Quicken 2015 editions are on sale and available for instant download at Amazon. Plus you’ll find select 2014 versions are listed at up to 40% off which save you  a cool $40.00+ off the regular price. As one the top volume reseller, Amazon’s price is almost always guaranteed to be lower than any other the other retails stores that carry Quicken software.  And if you don’t wait to wait for your order to arrive in the mail (free shipping is included), then choose the digital download option and simply download and install the copy on your computer as soon as you checkout. Because of the ongoing sale price, no coupon codes are accepted at Amazon.com. See the product page for full details.

Get $40.00! With the Quicken/TurboTax bundle deal now at Staples.

This is by far the most popular bundle deal of the tax season: Save an extra $40.00 off the already low sale prices at Amazon when you buy a copy of Quicken Home and Business along with your order of TurboTax software. Just check out the Intuit offers page on Staples to see all of the versions that qualify. You will need to send in a rebate form so be sure to send in all of the requirements as soon as you make your purchase. This bundle offer will expired on April 15, 2014.

Get Mint Free! Manage all of your finances free at Mint.com!

If you’re like us, then you probably spend more time in front of your iPad and smart phone than you do your PC. Intuit now has a solution for existing or potential Quicken users with the newly redesigned online finance tool at Mint.com. Not only is it free to sign up and join, but it’s got all of the same features that are found in Quicken 2015, but you have exclusive tools to track all of your online bank and credit card accounts in real time, without being limited to a single device. Then over time, the program will automatically help you find opportunities or special deals to help you cut your expenses or increase savings (like proposing a bank account that pays a higher interest on your deposits or switching to a credit card with lower fees).

About Quicken Home and Business 2015:

Regardless of economic conditions, it’s always popular to buttress personal finances with some side income. If you (or you and your spouse) have a regular job and a side business, classifying expenses or tracking your business performance may be burdensome. If you don’t want to spend money on accounting services you can do it yourself with Quicken Home & Business edition. This software will let you combine your personal and business accounts for a general view of your finances. At the same time you will be able to separate income and expenses related to your business for more detailed look at how you’re doing as an entrepreneur.

Having a regular job and running a business is consuming and the last thing you might want to do is typing in more information into any software. Quicken Home & Business offers a solution by linking up your bank and investment accounts; all you have to do is initiate import of data and the software sorts it out for you. Once you complete the initial set up where you assign vendors (where you spend money) to categories you create (i.e. entertainment, food and dining, shopping, utilities, etc) it’s smooth sailing after that. You can begin looking where your money is going, compare that spending over time, and even create saving plans by creating spending limits on selected categories. Make sure to enter dates when your bills are due to receive reminders and track how your money fluctuates over time.

On the business side, many of your expenses are automatically categorized as deductions and neatly organized into categories. Quicken Home & Business creates a simple income statement for you updated with all current transactions. This gives you an idea what to expect when you prepare you tax return and that insight can help you make better strategic planning decisions that will benefit you at the end of the year. The software also includes sample quote and invoice templates so there’s no need to worry about getting those designed.

Last but not least, get help from Live Community should you have general of very specific questions. There are also tools to help you with your investments that include analysis of risk in your portfolio, performance, or selection of investments based on Morningstar rating. It will also calculate your performance and cost basis for Schedule D tax reporting.

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