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Retail business owners might find plenty of useful features to make QuickBooks Retail 2013 their software of choice. Getting started is simple and guided by a wizard. If you’re new to QuickBooks Retail, you can import your existing data from the software you’re currently using (compatible solutions include Excel, Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting, or previous version of QuickBooks). The main screen is relatively simple allowing for intuitive navigating and easy assimilation. Most information is split between Customer and Vendor Centers, as well as transactions, and banking. There are numerous reports to choose form to analyze your company and industry specific reports based on opinions provided by other small business owners. You can have up to 5 users access the company file at once performing some of these activities:

  • Prepare quotes and invoices and send to customers directly from QuickBooks; forms are included as templates that can be later customized as needed.
  • Download bank and credit card transactions; prepare reconciliation statements.
  • Inventory Center provides much information’s on what you have on hand, number of items on sales orders, reorder point, preferred vendor; add more categories or eliminate some depending on what information you need on the report.
  • Manage you bills – see what payments are due, decide which invoices to pay, and look how much you owe in the coming weeks.
  • See all important company events in Calendar View for daily, weekly, and monthly insight into what’s on the plate.

The backbone of Quickbooks Retail 2013 is the Premier version, but nevertheless it is optimized for retail operations offering the following set of features:

  • Analyze your business performance with a profit and loss monthly report; compare different months side-by-side with dollar and percentage change between the two for better insight into your business.
  • Be on top of logistics by tracking sales orders ready to ship out.
  • Study sales trends with Sales Summary Form – customize your own form based on a template provided and decide on level of detail; enter payments for taxable and non-taxable transactions for any period of time.
  • Track returned good using Vendor Return Report – analyze who returned what products and for what reasons.
  • Purchase Volume by Vendor report provides a quick insight into who’s your biggest supplier; customize the report to see the results monthly, quarterly, or annually and compare all on one page.
  • Automation helps create Purchase Orders from Work Orders with a single click; purchase orders can then be emailed directly from QuickBooks (compatible with MS Outlook and Outlook Express).
  • Gross Margin by Inventory Item report lets you study this critical statistic; see what products make you money, what’s your dollar margin, and what’s the percentage of total sales of each of the inventory items.



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