Quickbooks Nonprofit 2013 – Coupon Codes, Discounts & Promos

QuickBooks Nonprofit 2013 software is based on QuickBooks Premier that not only provides tools necessary to operate a non-profit entity but many options to efficiently run a business. To get started, the software permits up to 5 users to simultaneously access the company file and work on whatever is required. Another great feature introduced this year is Calendar View of all events you consider important. Depending on the nature of the business each employee can enter meetings and appointments, client visits, and dates invoices are due and other economic events allowing everyone to be on the same page. Few other features that are new in this year’s version of the software include:

  • Lead Center – transfer information gathered about potential clients to QuickBooks and customize what data you want to display; if the lead eventually turns into a customer, with one click that person or organization will appear in your customer section and all information will be automatically transferred.
  • QuickBooks polls its users and prepares industry reports based on that information; you will now have access to those reports for a better gauge on how your business is performing and how the industry is doing as a whole.
  • Inventory Center lets you keep track of all the products you have on hand, add reorder levels, cost, vendor, and other product details (the report can be customized) all for better management of your goods

Those are just some features that characterize QuickBooks Nonprofit 2013. The following ones are crucial to successfully operate a business. They include:

  • Donation statements – prepare end-of-the-year donation report to see who the biggest donors are and what percentage of donations each of them represent; for your own analysis, you can run those reports for any particular time frame.
  • Prepare Form 990 – this Statement of Functional Expenses will summarize your organization’s activities, revenues, and expenses and will be ready to include for your reporting to the IRS.
  • Prepare financial reports for the Board of Directors – show accountability with this professional report that breaks down income and expense categories you created.
  • Report donor contributions – breakdown of contributions by donor with details of when, how, and how much.
  • Prepare Non-Profit chart of accounts – start the operations right away with the most common chart of accounts for nonprofits; new accounts can be added as you go depending on the nature of the business.
  • Manage budgets and finances by program – comprehensive report that analyzes each program your organization has established; each expense category is compared to the budget and current amounts are expressed in dollar and percentage of the budget; the report can be prepared for different time periods.
  • Manage balance sheet by class – this gives you flexibility to see balance sheet of each program you have created and compare them directly.



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