Quickbooks General Business 2013 Coupon Codes, Promotions & Discounts

QuickBooks General Business 2013 coupon codes will be posted in the next few days…

QuickBooks General Business is a business management software with features and ability to address all aspects of company’s operations. Whether you need to send a job estimate to a client, invoice for jobs performed, run payroll and pay all the related taxes, or receive payments, QuickBooks has capabilities to perform all those functions. Additionally, it handles inventories, expenses, and has many reports to show how your business is doing.

What else to expect from QuickBooks General Business 2013:

  • Access to profitability report by product – it displays cost of raw materials and assembly (breaking down by all components that form the final product) and compares actual cost to revenue (individually and overall); results are shown in dollar and percentage terms.
  • Inventory Center provides insight into all products you have on hand and important details about them: preferred vendor, cost, quantity on sales orders and available, reorder point, sales price; inventory report can be customized to display what you consider important.
  • Balance sheet by class report gives you advantage to compare between divisions or geographic locations of your business; all information is displayed on the same page for a quick comparison between the categories and how important is each of them for the business.
  • Cost to complete a job report – compare all parts of a job estimate to the actual cost to see whether or not you are operating within the budgeted amount; the report includes percentage of completion of each subsection and expected actual cost to show the amount you are over or under your estimate.
  • Sometimes details of projects change and now estimates keep track of all changes made since the initial estimate and reflect changes to the final amount to complete the job.
  • Bill clients progressively as you complete agreed on phases of each project, percentage of the job, or receive payment for materials.
  • Invoice for Time & Expenses – from the same screen decide who to charge and what amount for un-billed transactions.

Finally, you can have up to 5 employees accessing the company file and working simultaneously (you can create limits of what information each employee can access), export reports to Excel or Word, access industry specific reports, and connect with Live Community for answers to common questions or post questions related to your business situation.

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