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We will be posting all new 2013 QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions deals as soon as it’s released later this month!

QuickBooks products are there to help manage and grow your business. If you outgrow what most QuickBooks versions have to offer, it’s time to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise version maintains the same user interface so if you are familiar with other QuickBooks products, switching to this version should be seamless. To make sure you take the full advantage of all the features offered, first year of using QuickBooks Enterprise comes with Full Service Plan that includes: access to product experts and technical service, software upgrades, free training tools, online backup, and data protection.

To get started, QuickBooks Enterprise has ability to manage over 100,000 customers, vendors and inventory items. It can also handle up to 30 users performing different operations. A system administrator can easily determine the extent of each user’s competence and what can he/she do. In order to keep everyone accountable, all transactions are recorded, whether they are deleted or voided to see what has been done.

New features in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0 are:

  • Inventory Center provides critical information on all products you carry; this section can be customized to hold product details you need to see.
  • Tracking of serial or lot numbers – it comes very handy if there is an issue with a very particular item; locate it faster and respond to customers who bought that specific item.
  • FIFO costing – depending on preferences you can cost your inventory on average price or in order it came in; switch between the two methods at any time.
  • Excel formats are remembered by QuickBooks so you can apply the same formats to any new report that you export.
  • Calendar View – preview of what’s to come on daily, weekly, and monthly basis to gauge the level of activity.
  • Document Center allows you to group together related files; it saves time during tax time when you have to provide supporting documents.
  • Memorized transactions – QuickBooks can take over and perform tasks you repeat often; just decide how often to do them and QuickBooks will display a list of activities to perform; then select the ones you want QuickBooks to execute and it’s done.
  • Lead Center helps gather and share information about potential clients; one click moves that information to Customer Center if the lead becomes a customer.
  • inventory receiving – you will occasionally receive partial shipments of your purchase orders, then bills against all the received items – enhanced receiving assures the proper inventory count regardless of those issues.
  • Automatic price adjustments – costs of raw materials change and now you can automatically adjust your prices by setting automatic markup adjustments; just change the cost and the new selling price will appear.
  • Besides over 100 reports to analyze your company’s performance you can dip into reports created by other QuickBooks users that apply to the industry you’re involved in; you can also create your own reports and share with others.

Besides the new features, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0 has many more that have been approved by customers because of their quality. Some of them are:

  • Company snapshot with all the vital data on one screen.
  • Create financial reports combining information from different company files.
  • Intuit Statement Writer helps to design and create professional financial statements.
  • Build Assembly file can be easily modified to respond to any special requests.
  • Add notes about inventory parts to address special situations..
  • Track backordered items.
  • Ship goods directly from QuickBooks..
  • Differentiate between customers and let Enterprise Solutions handle multiple price levels.
  • Customers purchasing the same service can be invoiced at once with batch invoicing.
  • Manage different currencies and expend your business abroad.
  • Process orders more efficiently with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


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