Best Way to Find Your Tax Benefits – 2014 Tax Tips

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Are you trying to determine what tax benefits do you qualify for this year? If yes, there is a way to quickly sort them out and apply to your situation. The government just updated a website for individuals looking for tax benefits and other forms of government assistance. It is called and is a quick and simple way to make sure you understand and you’re not missing out on what you’re entitled to.

How to search for benefits

In order to determine which benefits you may qualify for you have to answer questions related to different aspects of your life. This step requires you to provide answers to the following categories:

  • Core questions – Here you specify what type of benefits you are looking for.
  • General – Ethnicity, education, living situation, military status, disability.
  • Household – Marital situation, dependents (children, parents).
  • Education – Highest education level, field of study, school related debt / student loans.
  • Health – Disability, illness, injury; more questions on certain medical conditions, work related injuries, potential help you may need, type of medical insurance.
  • Income and assistance – Types of debt you have, assistance you need, housing situation, any financial help you’ve been receiving.
  • Work experience – Questions related to your work history and type of businesses you’ve worked for, are you eligible for retirement, qualification in certain fields.

To get started, click here.

Once you complete the process all the results are displayed for you. When I entered my information there were 57 benefits I may be eligible for. They are broken down into categories, provide description and requirements, and instructions on what the next step is, how to contact the authorities regarding those benefits, including links to the necessary applications. The site lets you mark them as favorites and get back to them at other times. is much more than just a list of potential tax benefits you may qualify for. It also provides ample selections of recent tax news and resources via web or social media and local community advocates to help you make the best out of your finances every year.

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