Where’s My 2016 Tax Refund?

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One popular tool to track your refund is Where’s My Refund introduced by the IRS. By providing personal and refund details, the system can tell you when you can expect to receive the money. It updates once every 24 hrs and provides accurate information especially for tax returns filed electronically.

TurboTax has also introduced a similar feature called TurboTax Refund Tracker, but it uses different set of information to determine when to expect the refund. The main difference between the TurboTax Refund Tracker and Where’s My Refund is that TurboTax information is an estimate of the time you will get the payment. TurboTax users report back to TurboTax once they get the refund and TurboTax uses that information to anticipate your payment based on when you filed your taxes.

In any case, there are some ground rules that help you set reasonable expectations. If you file taxes electronically, it can take up to 48 hrs for the IRS to accept your return (assuming there are no errors.) This will depend on how busy the system is as it is verifying the information you provided with its database. Once accepted the IRS issues majority (some 90%) of refunds in less than 21 days. If you mailed your paper return, allow 4 weeks to get a refund update.

If you want to use TurboTax app to get details on your refund, click here.

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