What’s New in QuickBooks 2014

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Each year Intuit adds or improves some features of its award winning QuickBooks products. Some changes are more important that the others but one thing that remains constant is simplicity that made it the most popular accounting software.

The recent version maintains the familiar layout logically connecting different aspects of accounting. Intuit redesigned the navigation toolbar that is now located on the left pane and allows for grater degree of personalization. Intuit also continues adding apps and add-ons to expend QuickBooks capabilities and make it a one-stop product for running a business.

If you are still hesitant to try accounting software or to switch from a different one you use consider QuickBooks training. The software is so widely used that there are many free classes across community centers that taking just a few sessions would be enough to get you introduced to the software. Couple of sessions could be enough to lessen your discomfort with the new product and decide if all that’s been said about QuickBooks is true.

What’s new in QuickBooks 2014?

The latest release of QuickBooks doesn’t make revolutionary changes but it does introduce some interesting features:

  • Income and payment hub – see transactions that generate income in one area; includes updated customer balance and easy transition to remind of any overdue invoices.
  • Be ready for tax time – manage all bank accounts and other sources of financial transactions in one place. Pull them together in one place and categorize them according to your tax and financial requirements.
  • More email options – do more electronically by creating several email templates (now include customer or job information), attach various documents and see past message exchange


Intuit offers several add-ons integrated with QuickBooks. Their cost is separate from the software and not all may apply to your business but if they do, they’re often well worth it.

  • Payroll – this one makes a lot of sense; gives you lots of control over all aspects of payroll and QuickBooks walks you through the entire execution process. Follow the prompts to update the latest tax tables and you’re good to go. You can either print checks or for additional fee make direct deposits.
  • Advanced inventory – depending on a nature of your business, there comes a point that it’s not feasible to physically count units on hand. If you purchase raw materials or parts to assemble units, this add-one grants you multiple options to better control cost and quantity of your inventory and forecast future requirements.
  • Payments – expend your customer base by accepting credit card payments. Now your business can cross boarders and appeal to customers who prefer this type of payment. Payments can be accepted in QuickBooks, on a mobile device, or online.
  • Demandforce – designed to help you expand your business; it allows you to stay in touch with customers through emails, newsletters, reminders, promotions, or campaigns. Receive and analyze feedback to better respond to your customers’ needs and requirements
  • Point of sale – process transactions at retail locations and track what products are selling and what aren’t. It is integrated with Intuit GoPayment that lets you run transactions on a mobile device whether you are in store/office or out. It syncs sales and inventories to help decide what goods your customers need.
  • Salesforce CRM – sales app to help you grow and develop better relationships with your customers. It combines accounting and sales data and lets employees manage their time, identify their customers needs, create reports, track inventory, forecast sales, and other ways to make a seamless connection between managing the customers and financial side of business.

Intuit Apps

Intuit has introduced numerous apps for QuickBooks to improve your experience and efficiency. They relate to customer management, billing and invoicing, financial management, sales management, and mobile solutions. With just a few apps launched a couple of years ago, today there are over 150. Intuit offers a mix of free and for-a-fee apps.

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