What’s TaxProGo? 2020 Tax Preparation Tips

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H&R Block has been airing many commercials in the recent days and the one that caught my attention is about TaxProGo. It showcases individuals who are “doing their taxes;” in reality, these people from different walks of life just go about their daily routines, while someone else handles the taxes.

Whether it’s a jogger getting his stretches, a woman going way too overboard with the hot sauce on her pizza, a coupe getting the matching tattoos, or a new dad working up experience changing diapers.

But what exactly is TaxProGo?

TaxProGo is a combination of doing taxes online, but having a tax expert do them for you. H&R Block is known for its locations across the country allowing you to stop by and have the taxes prepared. The idea behind this product is similar, but it eliminates the requirement to visit a physical location.

A tax pro who will take care of your tax returns is actually one of the H&R Block employees working in one of the offices.

Is TaxProGo for you?

TaxProGo isn’t for everyone, but it will certainly find plenty of supporters. I can imagine people living in the big cities who will factor the time it takes just to get to a location to drop off the return. Or with the increased pace of life, it may be worth it to save time and spend it to relax.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, TaxProGo requires you to collect all your tax documents, upload them using your phone or computer, and the tax expert handles the rest. You go back to your activities while someone else handles all the details of your return. Once completed, typically within 5 days, you get a notification to review and approve the tax return. Then make a payment and your taxes are filed for you.

You begin the whole process by answering some questions about your life situation that will determine who will help you with your taxes. This is the selection process of your tax expert. These questions are standard in all tax preparation proceedings:

  • Tell us about you – are you married, have kids, own a home.
  • How do you make the living – freelances/contractor, W-2, own a business.
  • Other income sources – retirement income, own stock investments, own rentals.

After answering the questions and uploading the required documents, let the tax expert know when and how to contact you. He or she will use this channel for any follow up questions.

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