Temporary IRS closures in 2013

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Everyone can occasionally stumble and experience budget problems and has to take corrective steps. Case in point, the IRS. Due to the mandatory budget cuts on the federal level, the IRS will be closed on the following dates in 2013:

  • May 24 – Friday
  • June 14 – Friday
  • July 5 – Friday
  • July 22 – Monday
  • August 30 – Friday

The current sequestration leading to closure, will affect taxpayers in the following ways:

  • All IRS offices will be closed on those days as well as taxpayer assistance centers and the Taxpayer Advocate Service.
  • There won’t be anyone on the other end of the toll-free numbers.
  • The IRS will not be processing any documents, payments, or returns on those days.
  • Documents filed electronically will not be accepted or acknowledged.
  • Online tools such as Where’s My Refund and the Online Payment Agreement will be shut down.

If you still have to file taxes, make a payment, or reach out to the IRS, take those days into consideration because they are not be considered holidays. This requires a special attention from taxpayers living abroad and making an estimated payment for the second quarter (due June 17) and individuals responsible to present highway use tax (due September 3).

The five-day closure will further exacerbate ability of taxpayers to actually get help from the IRS representative. In 2012 the IRS received, on average, more than 300,000 phone calls every day totaling 115 million for the entire year as well as 10 million pieces of correspondence. Although 5 days may not seem like a lot, getting through and receiving help in the days prior and post closure dates will be very difficult and most certainly frustrating.

The automatic spending cuts will also affect over 89,000 IRS workers who will stay home without pay.

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