Summer Camp Expenses/Deductions on your Tax Return

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summer camp deduction on tax return
Summer is in the full swing and thousands of children are spending time at summer camps. Although tax season is still months away, there are certain instances in which you’ll be able to claim a tax credit for some of those summer camp expenses.

Not every summer camp expense is qualifies for a credit; the list below can be your guideline:

  • Camp duration: deduction applies only to day-long camps; longer camps or overnight camps don’t count
  • Child’s age: 13 or younger; there is no age limit for disabled dependents.
  • Filing status: applies to all except for Married filing separately; for couples to use the credit, both individuals have to work.
  • Credit applies as long as you made a payment; you can’t organize a camp for your child, pay yourself and then claim that payment as the tax credit.
  • Credit maximum: $1,050 for one or $2,100 for two or more dependents – this is a maximum of 35% of the qualifying expenses and that level depends on your income.

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