Sprintax – A new way for Non-Resident Taxpayers to File Taxes

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Sprintax has recently partnered with TurboTax to provide online tax preparation services to international students and researchers. With thousands of Non-Residents studying, collaborating, and working at the U.S. universities they now have an option to file taxes.

Despite being relatively new in the online tax preparation business, it received backing of TurboTax making it formidable and instilling a sense of the robust product.

Sprintax School Solution

Sprintax offers a complete set of features to successfully file tax returns and Sprintax School Solution is the first step. It walks you through Form 1040NR and 1040NREZ and besides federal taxes it also facilitates reporting state taxes.

How it works?

Sprintax works just like a typical online tax software by gathering information about you and transferring them into appropriate forms. It is very important to notice that once the tax forms are prepared they must be printed, signed, and mailed. They can’t be electronically submitted and that’s the biggest distinction from online tax filing for the U.S. residents and citizens.

The first part of tax preparation has to do with providing mostly personal information, your residency status, and visa details. Questions include: visa type, visa number, issue and expiry dates, date you permanently left or intend to leave the U.S., or whether or not you changed your visa during the tax year. It later focuses on the sources of your income. The product handles grants, scholarships, stipends while preparing federal, state, and FICA tax returns. It helps process the following forms: W2, 1042S, 1099B, 1099DIV, 1099G, 1099INT, 1099MISC, and preliminary tax.

By answering the questions, Sprintax will accurately select all personal allowances, deductions, and credits applicable to your situation. Additionally, it will check for any current international tax treaties affecting your tax return.

If you’re more familiar with your tax requirements and don’t find one of the forms submitted in the past, perhaps you should continue having your taxes prepared the same way. Otherwise, let Sprintax work out the math and prepare all the forms:

Helpful links

Here is the complete list of all the tax forms supported by Sprintax:

1040 NR 1040 V 1099-INT 6251
1040 NR EZ 1042-S 1099-MISC 8843
1040 NR Sch A 1099-B 2106 W-2
1040 NR Sch NEC 1099-DIV 2441 W7
1040 NR Sch OI 1099-G 3903 W8BEN

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