TurboTax Premier 2018 Discounts & Service Codes (2017 Tax Year)

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Get $25 OFF TurboTax Premier on sale through April 15th!

For both all new and returning TurboTax customers, Intuit is once again offering their all-season special where you’ll $25.00 on the online version of their software if you file by April 15th, 2018. You’ll also be able to start your return for free and, for all returning users, all of your tax info will automatically be uploaded into you account if you use your same email address from last year. Just follow the link about to activate the discount and to learn more about your filing options.


Get $35 OFF Pick up TurboTax Premier 2018 on sale at up to $35 off.

If Amazon is not yet your go-to store for tax software, then it should be! We’ve just found TurboTax Premier for 2018 (which includes eFile and the State return) now on sale though this week at Amazon. That saves you up to $35.00 off and you’ll get the box shipped out to you for free (just follow the above link, no coupon required). You’ll also be able to choose the downloadable version as well which lets you download and install the software on your PC or Mac immediately after your purchase. Offers will vary so see Amazon.com for the latest sale prices on all the TurboTax versions.


Bundle Deal Save up to $20.00 with the 2018 TurboTax/Quicken bundle.

If you’re a user of Quicken and the version that you are using is already a few years old, then you might want to consider upgrading with the Quicken/TurboTax bundle discount. For 2018, Amazon is offering $20.00 off on select bundles. Because the discount is is already reflected in the price of the bundle, there is nothing you need to do get the deal (just add it to your cart and checkout). Offer expected to expire on April 15, 2018.


Try it Free Try out TurboTax Premier for free before you get it.

If you haven’t used TurboTax before or if you want to test out the difference between versions for yourself, then you can start your actual tax return for free at the TurboTax site before selecting a version to buy. Unlike a traditional free trial, there is no software to install because this trial lets you complete your return online at TurboTax.com. You can save all your work as you go along and once you near the end of your return, you can decide to either file with them (any pay for the copy at this point) or just simply cancel.


About TurboTax Premier:

If you derive income from regular work, investments, and rental property TurboTax Premier is the most appropriate selection to get your tax returns filed.

With respect to investments:

  • If you have a brokerage account to handle your investment services, TurboTax Premier will import full year of investing history; you no longer have to manually enter all the details as the software will even retrieve prior years details to calculate cost basis for stock, mutual funds, bonds and employee stock purchase plans.
  • Analyze rental property income and go over the list of deductions, set up a new rental and calculate the fair market rent value.

One feature that is a great compliment to Premier is My Analysis & Advice. It’s a personalized report that consolidates your past tax returns and offers advice on how to maximize your next year refund or minimize a tax liability. In a sense it is a planning tool, which shows the impact of different types of income on overall tax return. By studying how your return has changed over the years, you can design it to reap grater benefits in the future.

Those would be the features specific to Premier version of TurboTax, but there’s more. You can save time with transferring your personal information from prior year returns and importing W-2 and 1099 forms. TurboTax then fills all the appropriate fields and your job is to confirm the accuracy of imported information or indicate any changes that happened in the last year.

Although the user interface does not change from one year to another, one constant update is actualization of the tax law. One great benefit of TurboTax is peace of mind that your tax return is accurate. It is something that TurboTax is guaranteeing 100% going as far as paying for the IRS penalties and interest imposed on you if there is a calculation error. Your return will also include the maximum refund or minimum tax liability as Premier analyzes over 350 credits and deductions and helps you arrive at the best possible outcome.

Here are few other features to expect from TurboTax Premier:

  • Get help on your tax questions on the screen by connecting with tax experts.
  • Estimate and keep track of your charitable donations throughout the year then simply import them to TurboTax.
  • Try IRS tool to maximize your individual retirement account.
  • Consider education credits – if you had school or student loan related expenditures make sure you account for them.
  • Work at your own pace – there are a lot of pieces going in to a tax refund that’s why you can stop anytime as your work it saved at every step of the way; and if you’re away from your computer, pick up where you left off using a tablet or smart phone.

We also want to remind you that TurboTax has a number of partnerships with some of the top financial institutions, clubs and banks in the country.  While we do not monitor any of these offers as they are for members/select clients only, you can check with your favorite ones to see if they offer anything for their clients.  Some of the most popular partnerships we’ve see are the Turbotax Bank of America discount and some others like the Capital One, Vanguard, AAA Auto Club, Visa, and PenFed. There are others that exist out there as well so just be sure to ask the next time you’re taking to your teller or financial advisor to see what’s available.

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