TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Discounts & Service Codes (2020 Tax Year)

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Get This Offer TurboTax Deluxe at Intuit.com now starting at $60.

It’s that time again where we have to worrying abut paying our taxes. While it’s always difficult to get started, TurboTax makes it as painless as possible with their step by step tax programs. And to help you get filed in time this year, they are offering the Deluxe online version starting at $60, the Premier version for $90 and the Self-Employed version for $120 when picked up directly at intuit.com. Just follow the above link to get started (or click the “get started for free” option if you’re going with the online version). Offer ends on April 15, 2021.


Bundle Deal! Get 50% off with the 2021 TurboTax/Quickbooks bundle.

If you’re a user a Quickbooks and haven’t yet upgraded to the 2021 version, then there is no better time to upgrade because the TurboTax/Quickbooks bundle discount is back again during this tax season. Plus as an introductory offer, you can save 50% off your first three months of service. See site for offer details. This is an ongoing offer for all new customers that is expected to last through the tax deadline on April 15, 2021.


Start now Try out TurboTax Deluxe now, pay only when you file.

If you haven’t used TurboTax before or if you want to test out the difference between versions for yourself, then you can start your actual return to see if you like it before ordering. Unlike a traditional free trial download, there is no software to install as you complete it all online at TurboTax.com. You can save all your work as you go along and once you near the end of your return, you can decide to either file with them (and pay for the copy at this point) or just simply cancel. H&R Block offers the same free trial offer.


About Turbotax Deluxe:

TurboTax has developed a reputation of being user friendly in the complicated world of tax returns. TurboTax Deluxe is the most popular version of the software because it fits the needs of the majority of taxpayers.

Individuals who used TurboTax before will not be very surprised. Intuit, the parent company of TurboTax, has been keeping the interface clean and simple to help you move through the tax preparation process smoothly and be able to easily identify what you’re looking for.

What to expect from TurboTax Deluxe

Filing a tax return is a process and TurboTax is trying to make that process as simple and quick as possible especially when it comes to operations that do not require important decision-making. Here’s what the software can do for you:

  • If you are a returning customer, it will transfer your personal details from the prior return; your job is to verify accuracy of information or indicate any changes (filing status, birth of a child, etc.).
  • Import your W-2 or 1099 forms from over a million institutions; in case yours is not available, take a picture of your W-2 or 1099 with a smart phone and TurboTax does the rest.
  • When you complete a federal portion of the tax return, TurboTax will transfer all the necessary information to the state return.
  • If you’re new to TurboTax, know that the learning curve is not a curve at all; everything is very intuitive and you don’t have to pay anything to try it – if you feel this isn’t for you, simply pick a different software.

As you prepare your return you it’s natural to have some questions. TurboTax typically includes answers to the most commonly asked questions related to the topic you are currently on. If that’s not sufficient, you may get help via SmartLook and chat with a tax expert.

Deluxe version will help you find all the deductions and credits you qualify for to ensure the maximum refund. TurboTax stays updated to the current tax laws and is not only confident in 100% accuracy of your return, it guarantees you get the maximum refund. The software analyzes over 350 deductions and credits with its Deduction Finder, and applies those that make most sense based on the income and personal information you provided.

As a taxpayer, by purchasing TurboTax Deluxe you can also count on help with the following:

  • Guidance for homeowners – get the most out your investment in real estate and get help with questions related to property taxes, mortgage interest.
  • Deduct your donations – ItsDeductible app lets you track donation all year round and import that information to TurboTax when you’re ready to file taxes; with the app you’ll be able to value items you donate and get answers to common donation questions.

In summary, TurboTax Deluxe offers high level of automation, security and accuracy. It calculates your refund amount as you go and handles efiling your tax returns with ease.

It’s also important to note that other TurboTax promotions may exist through your financial institution or credit union (like the TurboTax Bank of America discount, as well as some that may be offered from Citi, Vanguard, or AAA). These partner/customer discounts will vary but you’ll often find that usually the ultimate savings will be nearly identical to the ones already posted here on Let’s Do Taxes.

TurboTax Deluxe Help

At first it may be confusing as to which TurboTax version to select. After all, there are multiple online and download products to choose from. If you file taxes online, you can simply start with a Deluxe version. As you report qualifying events, the software determines if this version is still suitable. You can also select some scenarios that apply to you and TurboTax will recommend appropriate version.

What can TurboTax Deluxe do for you?

Here are some of the most common situations where the Deluxe version applies.

You can count on help with everything related to your mortgage. This version handles common situations such as reporting mortgage interest and property taxes. TurboTax will help you sort out other related issues such as the amounts that can be claimed as deductions, second mortgage on the house, home equity loan, or a line of credit. Form 1098 you obtain from your lender should help navigate through these scenarios.

If you donated during the year, you can use It’s Deductible feature to estimate the amounts of donated goods. Rather than guessing what your donations may be worth in the IRS’s eyes, leave it to the app. Just list donated goods and quantities, and let the app transfer information into the proper fields.

If you are a returning customer, you should be familiar with the feel the software has. It’s pretty straight forward and one of the easiest ones to navigate. It allows flexibility in jumping around different section and not forcing you to follow any particular path. I find it handy to be able to work on it on and off depending on availability. Ideally I like to sit down and get it all done at once, but if I have 15 minutes to work on a portion of the return, that’s possible and can be productive as well. Adding to that productivity is the fact that the software imports data from prior returns. You still have to verify that the imported information is accurate, but it does make a difference and saves quite a little bit of time doing mundane work.

Just like every major tax software, TurboTax guarantees 100% accuracy of all calculations. This offers peace of mind that you didn’t leave money on the table and everything is accounted properly in case of an audit. TurboTax is so confident in its accuracy that if you are assessed penalty or interest for wrong calculations, the company will reimburse you that money. TurboTax also stands behind its Maximum Refund Guarantee as it searches and reviews over 350 tax deductions and credits. They offer to refund your money if other tax preparation product can help you get a larger refund or calculate lower tax liability.

TurboTax is updated with the latest tax laws ensuring 100% accuracy of the tax return. One last step before filing is a comprehensive review using CompleteCheck, a feature that analyzes the answers making sure nothing was missed or omitted.

About the new TurboTaxLive Deluxe for 2021

TurboTaxLive takes the the most commonly used version and takes it to another level. What’s unique about this product is that you can discuss all the deductions that apply to you and the impact they have on your taxes with an expert. TurboTaxLive provides the opportunity for you to become more knowledgeable about what goes into the return rather than just reporting the numbers. And on top of that, you can discuss other credits or deductions you haven’t qualified for and what you could possibly do to qualify for them in the future. Turbotaxlive Deluxe means having a CPA or EA in your corner when you need them.

One of the reasons to pick this particular version of TurboTax is to maximize mortgage benefit on your taxes, particularly for homeowners with a mortgage, secondary mortgage, or home equity loan. The recent changes to the tax code, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, has impacted mortgage deductions. Even though TurboTax is up to date with the latest tax laws and will accurately calculate all the deductions, having an access to a CPA or EA to explain its impact on your finances. This is important as the tax law lowered the amount of mortgage interest that can be deducted by capping the mortgage amount.

TurboTaxLive Deluxe continues to offer the best interface to get thought our labyrinthine tax system. It avoids providing too much information and not to overwhelm you. Instead, there are simple options to learn more on a particular topic or to understand the impact of your decisions with “explainwhy”. You can work on your tax return as long as time permits any given moment and pause at any time. Come back when you’re ready and work on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Other features that new or current TurboTax users can expect are:

  • Jumpstarting your filing by importing your prior tax returns – this process helps eliminate mistakes – you still have to review the information in case some important aspects of your life have changes (i.e. marital status, child, job); even if you filed taxes through a different source – as long as you have a pdf copy of those returns, you’re able to import them.
  • Deducting donations with ItsDeductible app – enter and track the donations throughout the year and import when it’s time to file.
  • Education tax credits – deduct interest on student loans; search for credits and deductions for attending classes, tuition, and books while improve your skills.
  • File the returns electronically when you’re finished and get the fastest refund possible – when e-filing you receive a confirmation within 24 hrs (often within a few hrs) that your return was received and accepted; electronic filing minimizes the time it takes to submit, process, issue, and receive a refund if you choose a direct deposit.
  • Other options to get your refund are: prepaid TurboTax VISA Card or check.
  • Use portion of the refund to pay for TurboTax and don’t worry about spending money at the time of filing.

All these features in combination with the unlimited access to tax professionals throughout the year will help ensure accuracy of all the documents. I would recommend to take advantage and talk to the tax pros about your return and learn as much as possible about how your current life situation impacts your taxes. If you plan big changes in your life, ask how they can impact your tax situation and get ready for what’s coming. The more informed you are, the more time you have to maximize all the new credits and deductions that could be at your disposal.

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