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If you have a simple and straightforward tax return to do this year, with no complex investments, then you may qualify for the free edition from H&R Block. Also the perfect choice for first-time tax filers. Not only is your return free, you’ll receive an accurate calculation guarantee, free live tax advice, and free audit support in case you get audited. See the H&R website for full offer details and to get started.


About H&R Block Free Online

Millions of taxpayers hold a full- or part-time job and receive a W-2 form in January to report their tax returns. If that applies to you, you may qualify to file taxes for free with H&R Block. The Free Online edition is a product best suited to handle straight forward tax returns. The more complicated the returns, the more forms are required to accurately report about your finances in the prior year. The Free Online includes 45 tax forms and covers multiple credits and deductions. Additionally, this version offers the following features:

  • Reporting Child & Dependent Care expenditures.
  • Student loan interest deduction.
  • Tuition and fees statement.
  • Health Coverage exemptions for the uninsured.
  • Step-by-step guidance – explanation of each step and answers to commonly asked questions are readily available at every step of the way.
  • Refund Reveal – follow your refund as it goes up and down throughout the filing process.
  • State return is also free!

Filing with H&R Block is uncomplicated and the whole process is intuitive. There are couple of ways to speed up the process of providing general information. One is to take a photo of your W-2 and the software populates all the required fields. This takes away any guessing game and saves time coping information from one document onto another.

The second is to fill out as much of your personal information as possible without hitting a single stroke. You can do that by using your prior year return, regardless where you filed your taxes. One condition is that you have a pdf copy of that return. All you have to do is to drag it from your desktop and drop it on the designated H&R Block area. Names, social security number(s), addresses, filing status, dependent information, etc. will populate in H&R Block.

There are few principles that H&R Block stands by. They are:

  • Maximum refund guarantee – it ensures you will receive the maximum refund based on your situation.
  • Audit support guarantee – if you are selected by the IRS to an audit, H&R Block Online will work along to get you prepared and respond to any questions posed by the IRS.
  • 100% accuracy guarantee – with the coast to coast presence and the wealth of experience, H&R Block is entirely confident in its calculations.

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