H&R Block at Home Deluxe 2013 – Discounts & Coupon Codes 2014

Get 11% OFF Get H&R Block At Home 2012 Deluxe with State for 11% off.

Choose from either the PC or Mac version at Amazon and save 11% off the retail price. You can also choose to get the download version which lets you download and install your order immediately after checkout (download size is about 48.99 MB so only a 4 minute download time or so depending on your internet connection). There is no promo code required as the sale price will be automatically reflected in your order when you follow the above discount link.


Get 20% OFF Deluxe 2012 is now 20% off at HRblock.com.

The best deal this week is given to us exclusively from the folks at the H&R Block Store. Save 20% on Deluxe 2012 or any of the latest versions of H&R Block software. Your order of Deluxe will also include up to 5 free federal e-files, 1 state download, free personal tax advice, and access to DeductionPro. Because this is an instant coupon, no other codes are necessary at checkout. Offer expires at the end of the month.


With over 75 million homeowners in the US and millions of individual investors H&R Block created a software version focused on addressing all issues those individuals face when preparing taxes. The foundation of H&R Block Deluxe version is the same as its other products. What’s specific to this one are features that allow you record your investments in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, calculate cost basis for all of them, and then determine the right amount of profit or loss to report on your tax return. This is further expended by topics related to investment and retirement income, stock options, and tips on maximizing deductions for home mortgage interest and real estate taxes.

As you report personal and professional events you experienced last year, H&R Block Deluxe scans for all credits and deductions. It analyzes your current position and offers tips on how to qualify for major tax benefits. Many of those benefits may be contingent on major life changes but if any of them are already in your plans, this brings awareness and helps you better prepare for the next tax season.

H&R Block is so confident in accuracy of its calculations that it extends a guarantee in case the IRS finds faults in the return. Should you be penalized, H&R Block agrees to reimburse IRS penalties and interest. It also educates you in case of an audit about the reasons behind it, what to expect, and how to get ready for it. This free service is completed by IRS correspondence management and audit representation. Finally, the software maker guarantees the biggest refund or smallest liability based on the information provided. They extend the courtesy to waive the product cost if you find different software that would put you in more financially advantageous position.

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