2015 H&R Block at Home Discounts & Coupons for Tax Year 2014

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See all the discounts and coupons available for H&R Block at Home Basic.

For the simplest tax return this is the version to go with. You are able to import the most crucial tax information: W-2, 1099, and previous year tax returns. This greatly speeds up the preparation process as most personal information is filled automatically. The software still goes over basic questions to properly account for any potential changes to your employment or family status that impact your tax liability. It is also very educational as it explains all the steps and decisions taken. Besides that, H&R Block Basic stands by its guarantee of the accurate calculation, maximum refund, and support in the event of IRS audit. Included with the software is one free federal e-file.

See all the discounts and coupons available for H&R Block at Home Deluxe.

This version is designed for specifically for homeowners and individuals deriving income from different investments. Just like the basic version, you can import all necessary data from many participating institutions and save time. You can pause at any time and get back to the last place you left your tax return. This software supports over 80 different IRS forms and schedules, and you can expect the maximum refund and deductions for mortgage interest and donations, audit support, and detailed calculations along the way based on the information provided. Additionally, you can count on personalized tax guidance and free federal e-file.

See all the discounts and coupons available for H&R Block at Home Premium.

Premium version of H&R Block is best suited for self-employed or rental property owners. Its building blocks consist of the same features as those of other H&H Block products: guarantee of accurate calculations and maximum refund. You can also count on help if IRS decides to audit your tax return. In that situation, H&R Block will provide you with an outline of a typical audit and what to expect, support in all communication with the IRS, and can even represent you upon your request. This version supports several tax forms and schedules, including instructions on Schedule C. You are also entitled to one federal e-file; state e-file carries additional cost.

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If you prepare tax returns for the first time or they are very simple, this is a perfect solution. H&R Block Free edition assures 100% accuracy in preparing your return and supports many common tax forms. You can also expect instructions on how to proceed should you receive an audit notice from the IRS. These instructions cover what to expect and what to do, as well as assistance in information exchange with the IRS. You gain access to the community of tax experts if you have any questions regarding your return. Once you finish your tax return, you can e-file it for free (federal return); state return may require a payment.



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