Our Quicken Bill Pay Review and FAQ for 2014

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An increasing number of financial institutions provide an option to pay your bills online. It’s convenient, and saves time and money. Quicken Bill Pay pulls online bills and payments from all those institutions under one umbrella making the entire process more manageable. From letting you know that you received a bill to automatically making certain recurring periodic payments, this is a solution for those who dislike spending time writing and mailing checks and need flexibility in issuing check with just an Internet connection.

So what can Quicken Bill Pay do for you?

If you already use Quicken software or are considering getting one, you know that it allows you to manage all your financial accounts from a single location. Setting up Bill Pay eliminates a need to access different websites where you schedule payments, you don’t even have to enter you bank account website.

By selecting an account from which founds will be withdrawn, you will be able to pay anyone within the U.S. Whether it’s a friend or a utility company, you can now plan you payments for up to one year in advance. Once you schedule recurring payments, you don’t have too worry about them anymore, as Quicken posts all the transactions on the selected dates.

What if you have multiple checking accounts?

Quicken Bill Pay lets you make payments from up to 10 accounts. Additionally you can transfer funds between the accounts and because all that happens from within Quicken, anything you do is automatically updated in your account.

Bill Pay set up

You can select Intuit to handle paying all your bills for $9.95 per month, but there is also a free option. If you had already registered for Bill Pay through your bank, assuming that option is provided, Quicken lets you select it as well.

Adding online payees is uncomplicated. Once you choose from which institution you want payments to be made, enter payee’s name and details as well as the account number. Not everyone may accept online payments, which is why you can include payee’s address and the service will prepare a check that can be subsequently mailed to the payee.

How to get started with Quicken Bill Pay

You can use Quicken Bill Pay while logged in your Quicken account. Alternatively you can access it at QuickenBillPay.com and provide your user name and password. Standard format when paying bills is to select Pay Bills or Make Payments option and whom to pay. Finish up by providing all necessary payment details and the software handles the rest.

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