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quicken 2014 help books and guides

As of today there are many free guides to Quicken 2014 already available. Some paid-for help materials are on the way, but regardless which one you select, they are all beneficial. The materials available can be quite elaborate (especially books) and many of them offer screen shots to navigate you better through various parts of the software.

Free Quicken 2014 guides

The first place I recommend to visit is Quicken’s website to learn about the latest features. There you find a description of each new addition or feature enhancement, set up guide, and other details. For the latest version, there’s more detail on Quicken Mobile App, snapping and storing receipts, and bill reminders in register. It is also a starting point to compare products and decide which one fits your needs best.

For those who just begin their experience with Quicken, there is Getting Started Guide on It is a basic but simple guide to get you up and running with Quicken. This is the place if you want to learn about setting up Intuit ID, using the Home tab, setting up your first account, updating your accounts, categorizing transactions, setting up bills and income, creating a budget, using Quicken on a phone or tablet, or snapping and storing receipts.

Video tutorials

Quicken set up several video tutorials on YouTube dedicated to the most commonly performed transaction and typically found challenges. I think that Quicken Personal Finance could be more extensive as it covers relatively few topics. It includes Quicken 2012 and 2011 how-to videos and recent uploads related to Quicken 2014 (mobile features and mobile app overview).

Quicken Community

This free online community is a place to help others and get help. Quicken users post questions and answers to some general and more specific questions. So far there have been over 100,000 questions asked (related to different Quicken versions). You can look for answers to a specific question or by the questions that were answered. As of mid October, there were over 64,000 questions regarding Quicken 2014 and more than 58,000 were answered.

Quicken Support main page

Gateway to all-free support provided by Intuit. It offers answers to top questions and has a tab called Top Topic for a date you access the service. The tab lists the most current problems experienced by the users.

Quicken personal finance articles and videos

Intuit provides wealth of information that has to do with personal finance. One thing is to know how to use Quicken software, another how to efficiently manage your finances. Money Management and How To Guides section includes educational videos related to budgeting, investments, jobs and career, getting out of debt, tracking your spending, personal finance tips, and many more. There are also step-by-step instructions on how to set up different features. Quicken products are intended to implement that knowledge into your daily routine.

For-fee materials

As usual, this typically entails books and sometimes software ( Two guides that offer solid support and provide answers to nearly all questions are Quicken 2014 The Official Guide by Quicken Press (release date November 29, 2013) and Quicken 2014 For Dummies (release date October 28, 2013). Those two are perennial series providing step-by-step instructions to many features, offering tips and troubleshooting advice, and anything else from software installation to proper maintenance of your financial records. Those books are as complete as it gets and hopefully you will never experience challenges outside the scope of those issues.

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