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quicken 2014 help books and guides

Now that you probably found a good deal on Quicken Deluxe, Premier or any of the other 2014 versions, a good guide could probably help (if you’re still looking for a deal, we have all the latest Quicken 2014 coupons and special offer codes listed here on Let’s Do Taxes). Hopefully setting up your Quicken profile and basic setup is not robbing you from a good night sleep, but if you hit some bumps on the road or simply want to learn all ins-and-outs of the product there is quite a bit of help books and resources available.

What’s available?

As with so many products on the market, there is plethora of help options available, some free, some not, and in whatever format that works best for you.

Online help

  • Support at – I recommend getting started at Quicken’s dedicated website; under Support section there is a pdf guide you can save or print for references; you can also read up on a particular topic or search for answers not included on the page; in case that fails to solve your questions, you can contact Quicken: answer few questions regarding Product (Quicken for Windows, Mac, Canada), Version, select a category and subcategory your question falls into – at this point you are presented with a list of potentially helpful articles or you can opt to chat with a Quicken expert or speak with a support agent (available Mon – Fri from 5AM to 5PM PST)


  • YouTube – Check out the official Quicken channel on YouTube for some of the most popular help videos.
  • – Although you have to an account to access Lynda’s videos, they are quite a booster in understanding the software. Currently Lynda offers a tutorial of 2009 version of Quicken but with over 3.5 hrs of recording that walks you step-by-step through all functions and features, this is sufficient to let you master the newest features on your own. Follow the instructor as you configure and set up your account and go back to the most challenging sections anytime you want.


  • Quicken 2014 The Official Guide – A very complete guide covering Quicken basics and more advanced issues as well as banking, managing the investment accounts, tracking your financials, and forecasting your future financial condition; if you don’t mind finding answers in a book, it may turn out be the best option to provide solutions; it is relatively inexpensive and nearly 700 pages of material accompanied by screenshots provide everything you may want to know
  • Quicken 2014 for Dummies – Equally comprehensive, this book covers introduction and basics of Quicken 2014, personal and business finances, frequently asked Quicken questions, and personal finance tips; you will learn how to install, set up, and solve problems in Quicken and link bank accounts to the software; the book includes screenshots to help you navigate though the program more efficiently, something especially useful to the new users

There is also a digital version of both books (available for all sorts of digital readers), which may help you find what you’re looking for faster.

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