QuickBooks Accountant Desktop vs. Plus 2015 – What’s the difference?

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difference between QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus and Accountant Desktop

The difference between QuickBooks Accountant Plus and Accountant Desktop has to do more with how you like to do business and the nature of your business. There are two features distinguishing the two versions; I hope the explanation below can help you decide which one is more appropriate for you:

  • Client Collaborator – the biggest objective of this feature is to group and streamline conversations with the clients regarding specific topics. Rather than sending emails from your Outlook account (or any other service you use) it is now possible to contact clients directly from QuickBooks. If there are any questions regarding a particular transaction you can email a client and he/she can answer it directly from QuickBooks at the same time establishing conversation history that can serve as a back up. This feature also allows you to notify clients if there are any unanswered questions.
  • Accountant Toolbox – this feature may come handy to those accountants who travel to their clients’ offices and don’t have access to Accountant version of QuickBooks. If you’re logged in as an external account user in your clients’ file you will have access to the familiar tools in the Accountant version. In the Company tab select Accountant ToolBox and sign in with your email and password you use at your desktop in the office. There your choices include: Accountant Center, batch entry and reclassification of transactions, client data review, write off invoices, fix unapplied credits and payments (customers and vendors), clear up of undeposited funds, and fix incorrectly paid payroll liabilities. Finally, you can make general journal entries, condense data, and establish working trial balance. It is important to know that client has to have QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2015

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus and Accountant Desktop (Accountant 2015) replace the previous QuickBooks Pro2014. Many improvements over QB Pro 2014 have to do with efficiency with some of the following features:

  • Batch reclassification of invoices, bills, credit memos, checks, deposits, credit card charges, and bill credits
  • Keep track of unbilled hours in Income Tracker.
  • reporting enhancements – Insights tab can be found on the home page and gives you a quick access to customizable financial details.
  • Accountant’s Copy file transfer made directly from QuickBooks – clients can incorporate changes directly from their version of QB (they will only receive an automatic email with instructions on how to implement changes) and once the changes were made, an automatic email is sent notifying an accountant about the completion of the process.
  • Other client data review – save time by applying changes to several transactions at the time and have QuickBooks find data entry problems

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