Online Tax Tools for 2015

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With just a few days left to file taxes the IRS still expect to receive millions of tax returns. Before those returns are filed, many taxpayers will head to the local IRS offices for help. With limited resources and little time left, the IRS anticipates very long lines and wait-time and suggests that taxpayers go online for many common services requested at physical locations. The biggest threat to taxpayers who visit a local office is that they will run out of time to file taxes. Online tools can solve and answer the most common problems and questions.

Most common tax tools and services available online

Here is the list of tools and services created by the IRS. This list is a compilation of the most common questions at the local offices and ability of taxpayers to access certain information easily and securely.

– Get a tax transcript
– IRS Direct Pay
– Apply for an IRS repayment plan
– Track your refund
– Use IRS FreeFile
– Use Tax Assistant for the most common tax questions
– Get tax information on health care
– Look for a charitable institution
– Access forms and publications
– Calculate your tax withholdings

Go to the IRS Tax Tools and have your tax needs met swiftly.

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