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Just recently, Apple Inc. reached another milestone by reporting that 50 billion apps were downloaded from its iTunes store. Add to that downloads from Google’s Android Market and the number is staggering and growing. There are apps for virtually all aspects of our lives, but today we are interested in those that can help us save a buck or two and make us better money managers.

There are plenty of financial apps to choose from. Thousands of apps were developed to save, track, and manage money and below I put together a list of some of the best on the market. In no particular order, they are:


App Name







Pageonce Money & Bills

The app pools all your financial data for a quick snapshot of your banking, credit cards, bills, investments, and even credit score; get reminders to pay bills and credit cards avoiding late fees or overdraft fees; schedule payments or pay bills directly from your phone.


iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone


Start accepting credit and debit cards, checks, and even gift cards; use it for your small business or during garage sale and even send digital receipts; upon set up, you will receive a small card reader that connects to your mobile device.

free; use: $275/month + 0% per swipe or $0/month + 2.75% per swipe



Organize your bills and finances in one place; the software automatically categorizes your spending and presents that information with simple charts; determine saving goals for different items and track progress; create a budget and see whether you’re over or under at any given date.



Banking for kids, teach your children understanding of saving and value of money; create a list of chores, set time for their completion and decide how much you give your kids for completing them; set up rewards for various activities to keep children motivated.




This appliance adviser app makes recommendations of new appliances that save energy and by extension money. If you consider changing a refrigerator, enter you zip code to access your energy rates, answer few questions about the existing one, select few that you like and the app compares the energy cost savings. It will soon include dishwashers, TVs, and air conditioners.


Windows Phone


Helps you maximize your rewards by telling you which one of your credit cards will give you the most rewards or cash back and for what activity. Input the credit cards you have and the app will make recommendations based on your personal preferences.



This app searches for a better wireless or cable service, credit cards, saving accounts and CD’s rates, and less expensive gas. Depending on the category, you enter your preferences and some details of the services you currently use, then the app then presents you with alternatives that cost less and meet your criteria.



If you don’t like to prepare expense reports to get reimbursed, this app is for you. Customize expense categories, import bank and credit card transactions, and even include time or mileage. SmartScan receipts that are later linked to the imported statements. Expense reports can be sent as a PDF file and reimbursements issued via direct deposit or PayPal. The app is also integrated with QuickBooks.

free; for companies: 2 free +$5 or $10 per submitter per month

iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone


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