I Want a Ton of Money… But Literally a Ton?

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a ton of money

“I want a ton of money! That would make me happy.” How many times have we used this statement wishing to become rich? As usual, the success lies in details and the outcome may not be as rosy as you may think.

Imagine for a second that one of those wishing moments, a genie granted you your wish and you were indeed rewarded with a ton of money – literally a *ton* of money. Yay! Now let’s count how much is a ton of money in weight for a few different denominations:

how much is a ton of money

Typically if a wish like that comes true, a genie would play a cruel trick on you and gave you pennies. In fact, even getting a ton of one-dollar bills wouldn’t make you a millionaire.

So next time you wish you were making a ton of money, chances are that you already do. :)

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