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H&R Block is associated with the offices that are easily found all across the country. Not only it represents the ease of finding a reliable source of this important service, but also a peace of mind that the representatives are nearby when you’re on rush to file taxes. H&R Block also offers software for taxpayers who prefer to file taxes on their own. IRS reported over 50 million self-prepared returns and H&R Block certainly provides an option for every tax scenario.

There is a new product that H&R Block released recently designed for taxpayers who are simply too busy with day-to-day activities to sit down and get the taxes prepared. Naturally, one can simply outsource the process, but sometimes the fees don’t make it feasible. The new service is a solution between an office visit and digital filing.

How does H&R Block Tax Pro Go work?

The entire process comes down to three steps. The first step involves the typical process of filing taxes electronically, which is providing information about the taxpayer. This is a necessary step helping identify the tax brackets and the correct credits and deductions. Second step involves getting connected to the right tax professional who will meet the intricacies of your tax situations. In the last step you upload your tax documents and let the H&R Block staff take care of your returns.

Answering questions in step one literally takes a minute. The questions focus on the following domains:

  • Lifestyle – single, married, have children, own a home
  • Employment – have a job, self-employed or contractor, own a business
  • Income – sold stock, received retirement income, own rental property
  • Deductions – donated to charity, student loans/tuition
  • States – name states where you have to file taxes

Once you complete the process, you get assigned to a tax pro. It comes with a picture so you can put a face behind the name and brief information of the person’s experience. It is a type of a digital business card enlisting the pro’s areas of expertise and specialties.

Before going any further, H&R Block presents you up front with the price of getting the service.

The cost of preparing the tax return is displayed as soon as the tax pro is assigned to you. This avoids any misunderstandings and lets you decide whether or not this is really for you.

After agreeing to the price and uploading your documents, your tax pro will call you to get a green light to proceed. In roughly five business days you will receive the complete tax return for your review. The document will come along with explanation of all your deductions and credits.

Once you approve the return, you decide how you want to pay for the service. One of the available options is to use part of your refund to cover its cost so in the end, no money leaves your wallet.

Last step is to begin filing process by setting up an account and start uploading your tax documents. This filing option is indeed for people who want to deal with the IRS as little as possible.

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