H&R Block – Get your refund NOW!

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H&R Block is lending a hand to those who want to receive an expected tax refund as soon as possible. There is a growing number of employers who participate in the electronic delivery of W-2 information and if you’re employed by one of them you may use this feature.

How to get your tax refund now?

Start by visiting H&R Block website and search for employers who participate in this program. Click on Find Your W-2 to go though the list.

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If you find your employer there, follow the prompts on the screen and have that information sent to an H&R Block office. If your W-2 isn’t ready at the time, you can sign up for email alerts when it becomes available.

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The last step is to visit the H&R Block office. You will receive help in having your W-2 accessed and receive the refund as soon as possible.

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