How to Contact TurboTax in 2021

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Over the last several years, TurboTax has moved away from offering product support via phone. Instead, it has opted for users to email any questions or find solutions independently and TurboTax is facilitating it by providing multiple resources.

When you have an inquiry of any type, Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, wants you to either send in your questions via Support or find a solution through Community. Even though there are options to get live help, there’s a push for users to do research on their own.

The Support page provides answers to frequently asked questions or trending questions. Additionally, there are TurboTax support videos and you can share your tax expertise on AnswerXchange.

So, how can I speak to a TurboTax representative?

There are two options to connect and speak to a person. One is to purchase TurboTaxLive version of the software and the other is to select CD or download version. The former gives you an option to connect with a CPA to ask questions about your tax return and even review it line by line. In fact, you gain unlimited access throughout the year to a tax professional with this feature. Bear in mind that TurboTaxLive is more expensive than a regular version, so you have to make a decision if the benefit is worth the extra money.

When purchasing a CD or download version of TurboTax, you get an access to a phone-based tech support (except for Free Edition). This support focuses on ensuring you’re able to get started with TurboTax and some general customer help. Representatives will not address your specific tax questions.