Filing Taxes During A Government Shutdown

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It appears that despite all the partisan politics, the lawmakers were able to agree on the government spending bill and avoid the government shutdown. The proposed budget still needs the president’s signature, so it is anything but a done deal. Multiple media outlets have reported that the president intends to sign the current spending package.

As a reminder, last year’s government shutdown lasted 35 days, from December 22, 2018 to January 25, 2019. During the shutdown, the government is able to receive the tax returns, but refunds are not processed. Keep in mind that filing late or not complying with the deadlines still triggers penalties despite the fact the bureaucrats are not working. Additionally, the last shutdown caused a closure of many IRS offices as the government workers were furloughed.

Some of the highlights of the current spending bill include:

  • Total budget – $1.37 Trillion dollars
  • Increase in defense spending
  • Pay raise for military and the federal civilian workers
  • Grants for election security

More than half the budget this year, or $738 billion, is dedicated to military.

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