Summary of the Best Tax Software in 2019

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The bulk of the tax returns have been already processed and the available software have gone through a lot of review and scrutiny. Here are some highlights if you’re still wavering between the options.

Overall, all the most popular products have received top scores from different reviewers. A decision to pick one over the other may come from past experience or preferences for a particular feature. In any case, those products continue to be the industry leaders and consistently put out reliable products.


The online selection of the products continues to expand and this year includes products for filing on your own or with the help of a CPA. Both options offer versions that best fit your financial situation, but TurboTaxLive adds the security of a CPA that is available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

In 2019 TurboTax has been ranked No.1 for ease of use and for best advice and options by TopTenReviews. Nerdwallet gave it the same ranking for the overall product and ease of use. The ease of use manifests itself in seamless transition across multiple devices – start on your tablet, continued on a laptop, finish on the smartphone. There is also lots of help in preparing the return and ability to work on any section and not necessarily follow the predetermined order.

H&R Block

H&R Block is another highly rated tax preparation software letting you decide how to file taxes. This year if you file online you can have your work reviewed by one of the tax professionals who ensure the accuracy, sign and file the documents for you. The review covers all the forms and ensures maximum refund.

H&R Block has been recognized for a combination of straightforward interface and physical locations by Nerdwallet. The locations across the U.S. provide a security in case you realize you’d rather have someone complete the return for you. For the same reasons, the product was ranked No.1 for professional help by TopTenReviews.


TaxAct has always offered online or download products, but this year it added tax expert help from a CPA or Enrolled Agent (EA). For additional fee those individuals will go over your returns for accuracy and make sure you’ve claimed all the deductions. The company commits to 100K Accuracy Guarantee in the event of making a mistake and not getting a customer the maximum refund.

TaxAct was ranked No.1 as a budget pick by Nerdwallet. The software has also updated the product design to give it a modern look. A lower price comes at the expense of support options. For this reason, this product may be more appropriate for more experienced users or someone who doesn’t mind doing extra research.

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